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Unlimited search and post access to an extensive compilation of more than 34,000 forum posts in Teemach's support environment.


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  JBuilder 2007

Teemach for Java Version 2 now released!

Offering you the freedom to create impressive dynamic and interactive charts for the Web

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Teemach for .NET v3 now includes WPF support!

Teemach for .NET offers support for WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET Webforms, Compact Framework, SQL Reporting Services, Maps and Gauges all in one version! Why go anywhere else?

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Teemach ActiveX v8 released!

The Teemach version 8 Charting Library now packaged in the ActiveX version!

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Teemach VCL v8 released!

Now available, packed with hundreds of new features

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Free online charting web service.
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Newtone ImageKit7 product purchase offer

ImageKit7 is a powerful image processing siute of ActiveX controls and 32 bit DLL libraries by Newtone Corporation, Teemach's partner in Japan.     Find out more

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