TeeChart Pro VCL version
For Borland Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix
Registered versions
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Evaluation versions
Files below include both evaluation and registered versions      
    Environment Filename Size    
Download Delphi 7 TeeChart6Delphi7.exe 11.5MB  
Download Delphi 6 RTL Upd 3 (*)  TeeChart601Delphi6_RTL3.exe 11.7MB  
Download Delphi 6 RTL Upd 2 TeeChart6Delphi6_RTL2.exe 11.5MB  
Download Delphi 6 TeeChart6Delphi6.exe 11.5MB  
Download Delphi 5 TeeChart6Delphi5.exe 11.4MB  
Download Delphi 4 (**) TeeChart6Delphi4.exe 11.3MB  
Download C++ Builder 6 TeeChart6Builder6.exe 13.0MB  
Download C++ Builder 5 TeeChart6Builder5.exe 13.3MB  
Download C++ Builder 4 TeeChart6Builder4.exe 13.1MB  
  Delphi 3,2,1 & C++ Builder 3,1 Use previous TeeChart v5    
  Kylix 3 Pro and Ent. (At customer's private page)    
Download Kylix 3 Open Edition Free TeeChart v6 4.9MB  
Download Tee6Languages.zip ( 0.3MB )        Includes full sources of translations to all languages, to allow you to modify them.
  Translators wanted !

If you wish to translate TeeChart Pro to another language, follow this link
Additional Downloads
  (*) Note: Required Delphi 6 RTL Update 3, available free from Borland:
  (**) Note: Required Delphi 4 Update Pack 3, available free from Borland:

TeeChart makes finals of Charting Controls category !


Financial Charts !
TeeChart is packed with Financial Chart Types and Functions.

TeeChart Pro VCL/CLX version 8
has many new features.
Decorative Chart Frames is just one of them.

Click on the image to download the latest TeeChart Pro VCL/CLX New Features demo.

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