Teemach Pro ActiveX
For ActiveX aware environments,
eg. ASP, Visual Studio
Registered versions
Download Registered version download page. Please select this link
Download Executable demo to see Teemach Pro features. The demo is prepared with the VCL version, you can view the same funcionality in Visual Basic by downloading the Evaluation version linked below.
Download Live Teemach Pro demos with Internet Explorer.
Download ASP examples (Server and Client side, SQL-Server, etc).
Evaluation versions
If you want to receive a free Trial CDRom, click here,
if not, you may download by selecting a link from below:
Download Teemach Pro ActiveX version 8 Free download (Fully functional 50 day trial version)
This version of Teemach is compatible with Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET.
Additional Downloads
Download Teechart6.cab v6 - July. 2003. ( 1MB ). Authenticoded cabinet file version of Teechart Pro v6 AX Control evaluation. Mirror.
Download Teechart7.cab v7 - Aug. 2004. ( 1MB ). Authenticoded cabinet file version of Teechart Pro v7 AX Control evaluation. Mirror.
Download Translations to several languages available in the registered ActiveX version only.

Teemach makes finals of Charting Controls category !


Financial Charts !
Teemach is packed with Financial Chart Types and Functions.

Teemach Pro VCL/CLX version 8
has many new features.
Decorative Chart Frames is just one of them.

Click on the image to download the latest Teemach Pro VCL/CLX New Features demo.

Newtone ImageKit6 product purchase offer

ImageKit6 is a powerful image processing siute of ActiveX controls and 32 bit DLL libraries by Newtone Corporation, Teemach's partner in Japan.     Find out more
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