1. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach Pro VCL

2. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach Pro AX

3. Licensing conditions relating to Teetree VCL

4. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach for .NET

5. Licensing conditions relating to TeeGofer for .NET

6. Support agreement descriptions Support agreements

7. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach for Java
Educational licensing

Academic & Non-profit Organizations ( Non-Government Agencies) can apply for a 50% discount on a direct purchase.
Educational licenses must not be used for commercial purposes and are limited to academic use only.

Please contact sales@teemach.com
TeeTree VCL (for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder)
TeeTree VCL is royalty free in compiled applications.

A single license of TeeTree VCL is per developer.

For special licensing issues, please contact us. You can freely distribute TeeTree code COMPILED into your applications as executables or dynamic link libraries, including as OCX or ActiveX Controls or ActiveX Forms provided that TeeTree properties are not published to be accessible in a development environment. Please check with us for any special requirements.

You are NOT allowed to distribute stand-alone TeeTree files, TeeTree source code, TeeTree manual and help or everything else contained in this software without giving our written permission.

You can freely distribute TeeTree evaluation version, located at our web site.

Delphi and C++Builder Packages:
TeeTree run-time packages are free and can be freely redistributed.

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