1. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach Pro VCL

2. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach Pro AX

3. Licensing conditions relating to Teetree VCL

4. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach for .NET

5. Licensing conditions relating to TeeGofer for .NET

6. Support agreement descriptions Support agreements

7. Licensing conditions relating to Teemach for Java
Educational licensing

Academic & Non-profit Organizations ( Non-Government Agencies) can apply for a 50% discount on a direct purchase.
Educational licenses must not be used for commercial purposes and are limited to academic use only.

Please contact sales@teemach.com
Standard support
  Free maintenance releases for the full lifetime of a major version.

How to get support:






  Pro support is an agreement that gives the subscriber a priority support link into Teemach.

Features of the agreement are as follows:

  • 12 Teemach Pro priority Questions.
    The priority questions may be used at any time during the subscription period in addition to use of standard support channels.

  • Priority mails are answered by a receipt confirmation and replied to within 48 hours during working hours.

  • Private newsgroups, access to preview releases.

  • 5% discount on major version upgrade prices for products under support

check with Teemach for conditions relating to Site Support agreements.

How to subscribe to Pro Support ?

1 year subscription cost is US$249

You can just authorize us to process the subscription fee by emailing us at prosupport@teemach.com or by sending us a fax to +34 972 21 87 18 at any time. Subscription may also be made via the web online order form.

Upon confirmation of subscription we will e-mail you a special email account address to which to submit your support questions.


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