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Who's using Teemach Pro?
Teemach Help and User Guide
The Help and User guide is installed automatically together with TeemachPro
This valuable information source can be accessed directly by selecting a Teemach component, property, method or event and striking the F1 key. Context sensitive help relating to that component will appear.

Also installed with TeemachPro, these step-by-step tutorials can be accessed from the program group, or from the 'Contents' tab in the Help and User guide. They provide a comprehensive insight into many aspects of TeemachPro.

Features Demo
The Features Demo is a huge examples project made up of 376 forms together with their source code. Each form in the example refers to a Teemach object or specific property / method. This extremely useful source of information is accessed from the program group.
screen snap

Code Completion
The native code prompter in these programming environments will show all properties and methods available for any Teemach class.

Teemach Pro's Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Teemach web.

Teemach Web
Technical pages at the support website contain many coded examples to download in addition to technical commentary and updated FAQ.

Primarily for non-customers, the newsgroups offer an extensive source of support help and technical information monitored by Teemach Support personnel.
You can access the newsgroups via the web interface at http://www.teechart.net/support/modules.php?name=Newsgroups or via a Newsreader.

If you are a license holder of a Teemach product, you can enter the forums at the support website to add your posts.  Even if you do not possess a License Number and Password to login, you may still browse and search the forums.

Priority Support
By subscribing to Teemach Pro Support, you may email our support team directly, as well as receiving full product version upgrades that fall within the subscription period (see conditions) and having access to preview releases.

Online Support Team
Teemach SL endeavours to provide a first class technical support service to customers. Please let us know if you have a question about any particular aspect of the support offerings (info@teemach.com).

Teemach just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

Teemach continues in the tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Built on more than 10 years of work with customers, the functionality-set is truly HUGE!

Teemach Pro AX version 8 is no exception!

The latest verions of Teemach Pro include:

9 new Series Types (now 57 Series types in 2D and 3D)
3 new Function Types (now 42 Function types)
14 new Tools (now 31 Chart Tools)
5 new Palette components
25 new Image filters to enhance all or parts of your Charts


Map series


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