Teemach Pro ActiveX
For ActiveX aware environments,
eg. ASP, Visual Studio
Registered versions
The examples below are simple HTML pages with embedded Teemach Pro ActiveX controls and some "Visual Basic Script" code to perform animations, format Chart properties and manage values. 

Play with the examples and see the HTML source code to discover the magic. 

The first time you click an example, if you do not already have the Teemach Control registered on your machine, you will receive the Teemach Pro ActiveX control (650kb) in form of an authenticoded CAB file. 

Set Internet Explorer security options to allow execution of ActiveX controls (medium level). 

  • When using Internet Explorer 3, make sure you have installed at least the 3.02 version. Otherwise the ActiveX control will not work. 

  • The language used in this demos is VBScript. VBScript is a subset of the Visual Basic language. Not all things possible with Visual Basic can be done with VBScript. 

  • Enumerated constants can not be used with the current VBScript versions. That means you can not use things like color constants like vbRed, vbBlue, etc. You should use the equivalent number in hexadecimal format, ie: "Font.Color=&HFF0000", or in RGB format: "Font.Color=RGB(0,0,255)" 

  • According to the above, Teemach Pro enumerated constants can not be used. For example, you should use "TChart1.AddSeries(0)" instead of "TChart1.AddSeries( scLine )". 

  • The "With" statment can not be used in VBScript. 
    You can use "set MyList=TChart1.Series(0).YValues" and use then the "MyList" variable like: "MyList.Value(0)=1234" 

  • Use the global "Window_OnLoad()" event procedure to do your Chart initialization code. 

Teemach makes finals of Charting Controls category !


Financial Charts !
Teemach is packed with Financial Chart Types and Functions.

Teemach Pro VCL/CLX version 8
has many new features.
Decorative Chart Frames is just one of them.

Click on the image to download the latest Teemach Pro VCL/CLX New Features demo.

Newtone ImageKit6 product purchase offer

ImageKit6 is a powerful image processing siute of ActiveX controls and 32 bit DLL libraries by Newtone Corporation, Teemach's partner in Japan.     Find out more
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