TeeChart Pro SOAP WebService
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TeeChart Pro WebService 
    The TeeChart SOAP Web service provides a remote charting server.

Charts are created at server side as images. The URL of the server side image is returned as string.

WebService URL: http://www.steema.net/scripts/TeeChartSOAP.exe

WSDL Definition
    Borland Delphi:  
Download Client testing application made with Delphi (exe 509Kb)
Download Source Code for Server and Client ( 10Kb)  (requires TeeChart Pro, Borland Delphi and PNGImage free components)
    Visual Studio .Net:  
Download Client testing application made with Visual Studio .NET (C# 42Kb) 

TeeChart makes finals of Charting Controls category !


Financial Charts !
TeeChart is packed with Financial Chart Types and Functions.

TeeChart Pro VCL/CLX version 8
has many new features.
Decorative Chart Frames is just one of them.

Click on the image to download the latest TeeChart Pro VCL/CLX New Features demo.

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