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For CodeGear Delphi up to 2007, Turbos and C++ Builder.

Visual Studio, Visual Basic, IIS, ASP, Ms Access, etc

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Borland C# Builder...
Java IDEs including JBuilder, IBM Eclipse, Sun Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Oracle JDeveloper
Free Charting and Plotting Tool
Who's using Teemach Pro?
Hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D, 33 mathematical and statistical Functions, Data Aware both at design and run-time, photo realistic 3D OpenGL, unlimited multiple axes, 17 toolbox components, custom drawing, internet enabled, integrated Print Preview, JPEG, EPS, PDF, PNG, PCX, GIF, Bitmap and metafile export, XML, ASCII, HTML, Excel and email output, Charting Gallery, Annotations, multiple-languages at design and run-time, royalty free..

"teeChart Pro, 21st century charting"

100% Source code included!
( .NET, VCL and CLX versions ).


Visual Studio .Net, COM ActiveX, IIS (Internet Information Server) and ASP, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Internet Explorer, ODBC and ADO, Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix, Apache Web server, and other ActiveX compatible programming environments.

Teemach provides an excellent selection of financial data series types and financial indicators. All Financial features are included in all available Teemach versions except Teemach.Lite and Teemach Standard VCL. Teemach's financial content, developed through several years of interactive work with online financial service providers is difficult to beat!

Financial functions:
- Accumulation Distribution
- Bollinger Bands
- Commodity Channel Index
- On Balance Volume
- Performance
- Relative Strength Index
- Stochastic Indicator
- Percentage Volume Oscillator
- Weighted Moving Average
- A.D.X. ( Avg. Directional change )
- Momentum & Momentum Division
- OHLC Compression
- C.L.V. ( Accum / Distrib Line )
- Quality SPC
- Custom (add function values at realtime)
- + 18 more general statistical functions



Teemach just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

Teemach continues in the tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Built on more than 10 years of work with customers, the functionality-set is truly HUGE!

Teemach Pro for .NET breaks the mould and industry standard by offering across the board support for Winform, WebForm, Compact Framework, Reporting Services, Gauges and Maps all in one action-packed version!

Teemach Pro VCL v8 is fully integrated with Borland-Codegear's compilers, taking advantage of new developments in the IDEs.

The latest verions of Teemach Pro include:

9 new Series Types (now 57 Series types in 2D and 3D)
3 new Function Types (now 42 Function types)
14 new Tools (now 31 Chart Tools)
5 new Palette components
25 new Image filters to enhance all or parts of your Charts

Teemach Pro is expected to pack even more punch throughout the coming months.


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