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For all major Java development
environments including Borland
JBuilder, IBM Eclipse, Sun
NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and
Oracle JDeveloper
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What's New in version 2!

- Page Autoscale
- Draw EveryGrid
- MinMax Rounded

- Legend Item list

- New Downsampling options
- New CurveFitting models with Linear Regression
- New Histogram function

- Surface Series now supporting non-visible points
- ContourSeries now has:
-level labels
-colour fill
- New ISOSurface Series
- New CircularGauge Series
- New LinearGauge Series
- Tick lines for Bar and HorizBar series
- Pie and Donut series now support slice height
- New 3D rendering options for Pie
- Stack groups implemented for Area series
- Maps series now supports transparency
- New improved Pie and Donut Series
- TreatNulls property implemented, new null value
treatment for Line, FastLine, Area, Points,
Points3D, Polar, Radar and WindRose series.

- New SeriesBand tool.

Themes (Chart templates)
- New color palettes
- New themes

Platform support
- New Teemach version for SWT.
The version does not include Editor dialogues
except for Print Preview.

- Visually enhanced default chart appearance

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Teemach supports Borland's JBuilder2007!

JBuilder 2007  
 Teemach supports Sun's Netbeans with Teemach for Java!


Teemach for Java provides cross-language support

With the release of the Java version of Teemach during the summer of 2006, cross language support for Teemach is now available in the following native versions with 100% sourcecode: Delphi, Java and C# plus an ActiveX Component for use in all ActiveX aware environmnents.

Teemach for Java "modern" color palette


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