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Free Charting and Plotting Tool
Who's using Teemach Pro?

Teemach Office is a Shareware product available for free-of-charge download!

Get TeemachOffice full source code and add pro charts to your applications with Teemach Pro components For .Net, ActiveX and VCL.

Teemach-Office is a free charting and plotting tool intended for both the end-user and the developer.


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Behind the scenes, Teemach-Office uses the awarded, mature technology of Teemach Pro runtime components.

The main purpose of Teemach-Office is to easily create Charts, link them to heterogenous sources of data, modify and change the chart appearance, export Charts to native format, image files and printer, share created charts with other users and configure the many properties it offers.

Teemach-Office and Teemach for .Net Lite awarded 100% Clean guarantee by Softpedia!
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Teemach Pro VCL version 7.07 for Borland Studio 2006

Chart Themes - just one of the many new features included in Teemach v7

Free TeeTree license included with Teemach v7
Teemach wins again ! Reader' Choice Awards

"Teemach's Teemach Pro won Delphi Informant's last seven consecutive annual first-places in its category"

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