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Free Charting and Plotting Tool
Who's using TeeChart Pro?

TeeChart Office is a Shareware product available for free-of-charge download!

Get TeeChartOffice full source code and add pro charts to your applications with TeeChart Pro components For .Net, ActiveX and VCL.

Chart types:

Line Strip Area Bar Horiz.Bar Pie Point Scatter Bubble Arrow Shape Ellipse Cylinder Cone Pyramid Inv.Pyramid Contour Surface Waterfall ColorGrid Funnel Box-Whisker Stacked Combo Overlap Donut Horiz.Line Stairs Gantt Scheduling PIM Map GIS Box-Plot Error.Bar High-Low OHLC Stock Candle Histogram Pareto Polar Radar Smith Tri.Surface Point.3D Bezier Wind.Rose Calendar Clock Image.Bar Image.Point Delta.Point Bar.3D Volume XYZ Wireframe...

Function types:

Add Sum Subtract Multiply Divide High Low Average Mean Count Moving.Average Exponential.Moving.Average R.S.I. (Relative Strength Index) Momentum Momentum.Division M.A.C.D. Stochastic Bollinger.Bands A.D.X. Exponential.Average Standard.Deviation R.M.S. (Root Mean Square) Cumulative Curve.Fitting (Gaussian Polynomy) Trend Exponential.Trend Smooth Interpolated...

Charting features:

Zoom Scroll Panning Rotation Elevation Perspective Annotations Drawing Lines (Trends) Tooltip Hints Legend Axis Titles Headers Footers Gallery Tools Color Bands Color Lines Cursors Dragging Page Numbering Editors Axis Dividers...

Exporting as picture:

JPEG / JPG PNG (Portable Network Graphics) GIF* BMP (Windows Bitmap) WMF / EMF (Windows Metafiles) PCX VML (Vector Markup Language)...

Exporting data:

HTML XML Text (CSV) Excel

Importing data:

ADO (Microsoft Active Data Objects) ODBC BDE (Borland Database Engine) Excel Text (CSV) Expressions XML Random and Manual data entry.


OpenGL 3D Gradients Patterns Background.Images Tiled.Images Pens Brushes Bevels Borders Shadows Shading Lights Font Outline...


Wizard MAPI HTTP Web URL Print.Preview Multiple.Pages Multiple.Axis DateTime.Axis Logarithmic.Axis...

TeeChart just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

TeeChart continues in the tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Built on more than 10 years of work with customers, the functionality-set is truly HUGE!

TeeChart Pro for .NET breaks the mould and industry standard by offering across the board support for Winform, WebForm, Compact Framework, Reporting Services, Gauges and Maps all in one action-packed version!

TeeChart Pro VCL v8 is fully integrated with Borland-Codegear's compilers, taking advantage of new developments in the IDEs.

The latest verions of TeeChart Pro include:

9 new Series Types (now 57 Series types in 2D and 3D)
3 new Function Types (now 42 Function types)
14 new Tools (now 31 Chart Tools)
5 new Palette components
25 new Image filters to enhance all or parts of your Charts

TeeChart Pro is expected to pack even more punch throughout the coming months.


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