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For CodeGear Delphi 2007,
Turbos, Developer Studio 2006,
Delphi 2005, Delphi 8,7,6,5,4
and C++ Builder 6,5,4.
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  Feature Teemach
Standard v4
Standard v8
Pro v8
  Chart control with headers, footers, 4 axes, legend, walls, 3D, paging
  2D, 3D orthogonal, pseudo-3D
  Printing and Print Preview window
  Export to picture (Bitmap and Metafile)
  Basic functions (Add, Multiply, etc)
  Database DBChart
  Standard Series styles (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Fast-Line, Point, Horiz.Bar)
  Gantt series style
  Bubble, Arrow, Shape series styles
  Basic gradients
  Decision Cube compatible
  Win32 VCL Support
  C++ Builder Support
  .NET VCL Support
(Borland Developer Studio 2009, 2007, 2006, Delphi 8 and 2005)
  C# and Delphi WinForms*
  True 3D with perspective, 360 degree  
  Median, Mode and y=f(x) functions  
  TDraw3D general purpose 3D canvas  
  Cross-tab Series datasource  
  Hundreds of small improvements and properties in all Chart and Series styles sub-components  
  Horizontal Area and Horizontal Line series styles  
  Extended gradients and transparency  
  Legend Symbols and Check-Boxes  
  Right chart wall  
  QuickReport compatible  
  Intraweb compatible  
  Treeview enabled editor  
  ButtonColor, ButtonPen, ComboFlat controls  
  ChartGrid for data editing  
  Depth axis at left-top  
  Export native template (*.tee)  
  Import from template (*.tee)  
  Series Datasources
(Dataset, SingleRecord, Text, XML)
  TSeriesDataSet component    
  Multi-language translations (English and 28 more idioms)    
  Extended Series styles:
Arrow, Bezier, Donut, Gauge, Map, Polar, Polar Bar, Pyramid, Radar, Smith
  3D Series styles:
Bubble 3D, ColorGrid, Contour, Point 3D, Water Fall, Surface, Tower, Triangle Surface, Vector 3D, Waterfall
  Financial Series styles:
Candle, Point & Figure, Volume
  Statistical Series styles:
BoxPlot, Error, Error Bar, Funnel, Horizontal BoxPlot, High-Low, Histogram, Horizontal Histogram, VolumePipe
  Other Series styles:
Bar 3D, Bar Join, Big Candle, Calendar, Clock, DeltaPoint, ImageBar, ImagePoint, Line Point, Wind Rose
  Export to picture (PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, PDF, VML)    
  Extended Functions:
Correlation,Count,Cross Points,Cumulative, Curve Fitting, Downsampling,
Exponential Average, Exponential Trend, Logarithmic Trend, Performance, Perimeter, Root Mean Square, Smoothing, Standard Deviation, Trend, Variance
  Custom unlimited multiple Axes    
  Financial Functions:
ADX, Bollinger bands, Close Location Value, Commodity Channel Index, Compression, Exp.Moving Average, MACD, Momentum, Momentum Division, Moving Average, On Balance Volume, R.S.I., Stochastic, Volume Oscillator
  TeeCommander toolbar    
  Visual Themes    
  ChartListBox control    
  TeeTree components    
  OpenGL 3D rendering    
  Export data (text csv, xml, html)    
  Chart Tools (Cursors, Annotations...)    
  TeemachOffice with source code    
  Full 100% Delphi Source Code optional available    
  Single License Price FREE
(Included with all Delphi, C++ Builder and BDS/TurboPro versions)

From $179

Free version 7 for CodeGear RAD 2007 and BDS 2006 Registered Customers.

From $459


* Teemach for WinForms is provided with Teemach for .Net C# version (Lite & Pro assemblies)

Teemach just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

Teemach continues in the tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Built on more than 10 years of work with customers, the functionality-set is truly HUGE!

Teemach Pro for .NET breaks the mould and industry standard by offering across the board support for Winform, WebForm, Compact Framework, Reporting Services, Gauges and Maps all in one action-packed version!

Teemach Pro VCL v8 is fully integrated with Borland-Codegear's compilers, taking advantage of new developments in the IDEs.

The latest verions of Teemach Pro include:

9 new Series Types (now 57 Series types in 2D and 3D)
3 new Function Types (now 42 Function types)
14 new Tools (now 31 Chart Tools)
5 new Palette components
25 new Image filters to enhance all or parts of your Charts

Teemach Pro is expected to pack even more punch throughout the coming months.


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