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( for Borland Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix )
Using the TeeChart object classes, TeeTree controls enable the drawing of information in a hierarchical format. A TeeTree control consists of shapes and connections. Every shape can have zero or more parents zero or more children. TeeTree is a multi-tree tool !

These specialised panel components (TTree and TDBTree) offer advanced features including Design Editor, Printing and Print Preview, Exporting, Zoom and Scroll, Database connection with Database Wizard, QuickReport support, Custom Drawing and OpenGL 3D rendering.

TeeTree is fully written in Borland Object Pascal (Delphi language) and conforms to VCL / CLX specifications.

The TeeTree component does not use any Windows "Common Controls" and with no extra DLL files, using TeeTree results in a very small executable.

TeeTree can implement a variety of "trees". More than one tree can reside in the same control and displayed and used at the same time.

Trees can be exported to clipboard or saved into a file supporting different graphic formats like BMP (Windows Bitmap), Metafile WMF/EMF, GIF, PNG, PCX, VML and JPEG.


Free TeeTree license included with TeeChart Pro VCL
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