I just wanted to say how pleased and satisfied I am using your chart controls. These are by far the most outstanding and easiest I have ever used. They are extremely fast and versatile as well. I have gained so much using them in my current project. The support I have received has also been excellent and the best I've seen. I really can't express my complete satisfaction with your product. These are way better than any of the big names in the Visual Studio world.
The charts I have created are being used to chart data on subway systems here in the USA. These include Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and New York City.
The customers have been very happy with the charts that are produced.

Thanks again for such an excellent product. Keep it coming!

Tom Russell - USA
Also I wanted to mention that this product is just amazing. We have searched for a control that works well in Visual FoxPro and this one is the first that meets and exceeds our expectations. Thank you for spending the time to create such a wonderful product. The only improvements I could suggest would be for more examples in the FoxPro language and in your documentation (Help Files) if your examples were in multiple languages instead of just VB. Luckily I am a VB programmer as well so I would test my code in VB and then copy it to VFP and that worked great but others may not have that ability.

Steve Charnes - USA
This is the finest charting control I have ever seen/used.
I am in particular need of the upgrade ability to export to excel format.

Jason Kernan - USA
Just a note from us here in Cape Town to thank you for you efficient service and to let you know that we are up and running and everything is fine.
Thank you and we really appreciate working with efficient firms as there are not so many of them around.

The Cirrlus team -Dominique May - SOUTH AFRICA
I just wanted to thank you for TeeChart. Everybody here in fab process engineering loves the new histograms.The charts are amazing.

Jason Welter -USA
I have been *very* impressed with Steema's products and support and plan to use TeeChart on many future projects. Keep up the good work!

Nick Wiley -USA
I have been extremely please with the product.
It blew the doors off every other chart control I tested -several man-months of testing.

Scott Dowlen - USA
I have builded up web sites with Teechart, and I have the Developer licence and then Web server runtime lincense. Your products are excellence!

Peter Chen -Taiwan
Just can't praise you enough on how good TeeChart is. It is *the* most flexible and well designed charting component I have ever used - and that's with 20 years of coding experience.

Laurie - Australia
My boss and I are extremely impressed by your charting control - I evaluated at least ten of them and yours is by far the most feature-rich and easiest to use for the price and I appreciate the
thoroughness of the tutorials and examples. I look forward to amazing the executives here with web-based clickable graphs using your control. (The first project is an Executive Information System.)

James Ryan - USA
Just a quick note to say wow, this chart component is amazing! So flexible, especially when clients say : "Can you change this ?"... The demo program itself is very helpful, even for quick prototyping . Thx, and keep up the good work.

Paul Fellner - Canada
Very good, thanks heaps for your help.
I have been using TChart for many years now and Steema Staff has been consistently extremly helpful and knowledgable. Amazing service!
Thanks again,

Francis P - Australia
As a firm believer in the quality of your products (I have TeeChart Pro), I am delighted to find that once again you have created a superior graphical component for representing data.
I need a tool for representing the relationships between sites, groups of people, and individuals, tasks and allocation of tasks.TeeTree looks to be IT for me.
Thanks again for excellent components.

Danny Clarke - UK
Congratulations, you've done it again. I am a proud user of TeeChart and use it everytime I can. I just viewed you're demo on TeeTree and I am ordering today!
Keep up the good work - you roll out tremendous products!

Lee J. Hartigan – USA
Now my only problem is which is the coolest way to display my Chart given all the neat display options in TeeChart! P.S. That TCanvas3d is just too good!

Laurie - Australia
You folks have produced an incredible piece of software congratulations.

Paul Moriarty - USA
I am so amazed at the customer service I received. I am not a programmer and got desperate one day and thought maybe if I email Steema they can help me with our TeeChart implementation at our customer sites. I received an email back that very day. Even though I didn't know the answers to their questions and sometimes couldn't really understand the answers they continued to work with me until we had the problem solved. I am very happy with the response time and the fact that they solved a problem we had been living with for a year. Our customers are ecstatic that they now have full functionality of the software. Thank you very much.

Pamela Goodrich, NetVMI Inc - USA
I would like to use TeeChart Pro since it is the most advanced tool making nice graphics.

Felix Zimmermann - Switzerland
You have written a Great TeeChart Component ! I am very happy to find this in the Internet, because your Chart-Component is the only with log Axis in a 3D-Chart.

Gerald - Germany
I love your product. Its the most intuitve, yet powerful, charting package I have ever used!!!!

Jerry Sadler - USA
TeeChart is a GREAT component! My favorite improvements in v4 are allowing editing of a function’s period in the chart editor and allowing input of Position percentages for the axes

Marilyn Buchanan - USA
Great product! Love the gantt!

Shaun .
Quiero aprovechar para felicitarlos: creo que tienen unos productos maravillosos y una atención al usuario excelente. Ojalá sigan liberando nuevos productos y que sigan manteniendo la calidad de

Carlos Ibanez – Colombia
What I saw from TeeChart before looked fantastic ! Did many things with Candles and enjoyed it VERY MUCH !!! Zooming, scrolling, horizontal, vertical: TeeChart does it !
I enjoy it VERY MUCH to develop with TeeChart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You all did a fantastic job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigi Lenz – Germany
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