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For CodeGear Delphi 2007,
Turbos, Developer Studio 2006,
Delphi 2005, Delphi 8,7,6,5,4
and C++ Builder 6,5,4.
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Version 7

New features.

See latest Release.txt file with up-to-date changes.

Chart Axes
Bar, Bar3D and Horizontal Bar series
Chart Themes
TColorBand tool
Custom Chart Color Palettes
Delphi for .NET
Design Time options
Chart Legend
New 2D Lighting Tool
New Functions
Chart Editor
Pie and Donut series
Point3D series
Chart Canvas
Chart Series Groups
Chart Gallery
Exporting Formats
All Series with "Pointer" property
All Series
Chart SeriesList property
TSmoothingFunction and TBSpline class
New Series styles
Fixed bugs

*TeeTree2 free

Chart Axes

  • Alternate labels.
  • Axis labels can now be displayed in "alternate" mode to show more text in the same space.
    Suitable for horizontal axis and non-rotated labels.

    Chart1.Axes.Bottom.LabelsAlternate := True ;


Bar, Bar3D and Horizontal Bar series

  • Tick lines.
  • New TChartPen property to draw lines around Bar series points at default axis grid positions.

    Series1.TickLines.Visible := True ;



  • Radio buttons
  • The listbox control can now display series with "radio" buttons instead of check-boxes.
    This can be useful in cases where only a single series needs to be visible.

    ChartListBox1.CheckStyle := cbsRadio;  // ( default is cbsCheck )

  • OnChangeActive event
  • This event is called when the end user clicks the checkbox or radio icon to show or hide a Series. The event includes the Series.


Chart Themes

    "Themes" provide an easy single-click way to alter many of the Chart formatting and color properties.
    Included themes are Teemach, Microsoft Excel®, Business, Classic and Web.

    End users can change the selected "theme" at runtime either using the chart editor dialog new Themes tab or the Themes editor stand-alone.

    Uses TeeThemeEditor
    ChartThemeSelector( Chart1 );

    Themes can also be selected programatically.

    Uses TeeThemes;
    ApplyChartTheme( TExcelTheme, Chart1 );


    New custom themes can be created and used at design-time with simple code:

    TMyTheme = class( TChartTheme )
      procedure ApplyTo( Chart: TCustomChart ); override;
      class function Description:String; override;

    RegisterChartThemes([ TMyTheme ]);




TColorBand tool

  • New OnClick event, and Clicked and BoundsRect functions.
  • The color band object now provides an OnClick event, Clicked function and BoundsRect function that returns the color band rectangle in pixels.



  • Editor and Previewer
  • The commander control adds two new properties to show customized chart editor and print preview dialogs, using your preferred TChartEditor and TChartPreviewer components:

    TeeCommander1.ChartEditor := ChartEditor1 ;
    TeeCommander1.Previewer := ChartPreviewer1 ;



Custom Chart Color Palettes

    The default color palette is now a dynamic array that can be replaced by code:

    // Create a custom color palette
    var MyPalette : TColorArray;
    SetLength(MyPalette, 5);
    MyPalette[0]:= clBlue;
    MyPalette[1]:= clGreen;
    MyPalette[2]:= clLime;
    MyPalette[3]:= clAqua;
    MyPalette[4]:= clNavy;

    SetDefaultColorPalette( MyPalette );  // set new custom palette

    MyPalette:= nil; // free if no longer used

    Several predefined palettes are available at runtime:

    ColorPalettes.ApplyPalette(Chart1, 3);  // 3 = pastels


Delphi for .NET

    New in this version is support for Borland Delphi™ 2005 .Net compiler.

    Under Delphi.Net, applications can be created to use the Borland VCL for .Net ( VCLForms ) or to use Microsoft FCL for .Net ( WinForms ), or ASP.Net web server pages. 

    Teemach v7 VCL is designed to be used in VCLForms (Win32 or .Net) but can also work in WinForms and ASP.Net forms if you create the necessary encapsulating classes.

    For easier programming in WinForms and Asp.Net, we provide Teemach.Net (written 100% in C#) which uses .Net Framework classes directly bypassing the VCL.  As with the VCL version, this version can also be used in VCLForms applications through new a new .Net Control Import Library Wizard.



Design Time options

    New editor dialog to control all design-time options.
    Selections are stored at Windows Registry under key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Teemach Software\Teemach Pro


    The design-time options editor can also be displayed at runtime in your applications:

    uses TeeDesignOptions;

    with TOptionsForm.Create( Self ) do


Chart Legend

  • Radio groups
  • Legend can now display "radio" buttons alongside series to let the user choose a single visible series.

    Chart1.Legend.CheckBoxes := True; // activate boxes
    Chart1.Legend.CheckBoxesStyle := cbsRadio;  // ...or cbsCheck

  • Scrollbar tool
  • New tool to add scrollbar facilities to Chart Legend.
    The scrollbar is not derived from Windows or Borland's VCL scrollbar objects. It's been totally rewritten in Delphi with full source code available.

    The scrollbar editor dialog provides many formatting properties like colors, sizes, etc.

    Uses TeeLegendScrollBar;
    MyScroll:= TLegendScrollBar.Create( Self );
    MyScroll.Size:= 12;
    Chart1.Tools.Add( MyScroll );


  • Legend Title
  • The Chart Legend provides a new property "Title" of class TTeeShape.
    Legend Title text and formatting can be fully customized.

    with Chart1.Legend.Title do
      Text.Add( 'Animals' );
      Color:= clMaroon;
      Transparent:= False;
      Transparency:= 50;


  • Miscellaneous
  • New LastValue (Integer) read-only public property.
    Returns the value index of the last visible item in legend.
    This complements the already existing FirstValue property.



New 2D Lighting Tool

    The new TLightTool class enables "2D lighting" effect to charts.
    Several properties can be customized using the Light tool editor dialog.

    uses TeeLighting;

    var Light : TLightTool;
    Light:= TLightTool.Create( Self );
    Light.FollowMouse:= True;
    Light.Style:= lsSpotLight;
    Chart1.Tools.Add( Light );



New Functions

  • Mode
  • The Mode function calculates the value with highest count of duplicates inside the source series data.

    Includes the option to ignore null source values.

  • Median
  • Calculates the value located in the middle of sorted source series values.

  • Correlation
  • Calculates the factor, from 0 to 1, of X to Y relationship of source series values.

  • Variance
  • Calculates the average spread of source series values.


Chart Editor

  • Tree mode
  • The Chart Editor dialog can now be displayed in "tree mode", using a left-aligned treeview control as the main manager of the many editor dialogs.

    The above design-time options dialog controls the default editor mode (normal or tree).
    The ChartEditorPanel control can also be displayed in tree-mode.


    You can also programatically force the tree mode display:

    TChartEditForm.SaveOption( TeeMsg_TreeMode, True );


Pie and Donut series

  • Gradient 3D property
  • Pie and Donut slices can now be filled in 3D mode, using a Gradient property.

    Series1.Gradient.Visible:= True;


Point3D series

  • Lines to floor
  • New TChartPen property to optionally draw lines from 3D xyz points to chart floor.

    Series1.BaseLine.Visible:= True;


Chart Canvas

  • Full 360 degree rotation in GDI mode
  • Last released version 6 provided 180 degree rotation in normal Windows GDI mode.
    Version 7 now delivers full 360 degree rotation, thus allowing viewing charts from back perspective.

    Chart1.View3DOptions.Rotation := 220 ;  // back view

  • Vector fonts (pending)


Chart Series Groups

    Series can now be "grouped" in logical sets.
    Any Series can be assigned to pertain to zero, one or more groups.
    Series Groups are optionally displayed at Chart Editor dialog and ChartListBox control.

    var g1,g2:TSeriesGroup;

    g1:=Chart1.SeriesList.AddGroup('First group');

    g2:=Chart1.SeriesList.AddGroup('Second group');

    ChartEditor1.Options:= ChartEditor1.Options+[ceGroups];


Chart Gallery

  • Smoothing   ( Based on "Resample" code from Anders Melander and others )
  • New Chart Gallery option displays charts with "smoothing" effect.

    ChartGalleryPanel1.Smooth:= True ;

    Compare the two pictures below. The left one is showing a smooth gallery.


    You can also use a global method to smooth your custom bitmap images.

    uses TeCanvas;

    var B : TBitmap;
        B.Width:=Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Width div 2;
        B.Height:=Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Height div 2;
        SmoothStrecth(Image1.Picture.Bitmap, B);

  • Miscellaneous

    New methods to get from and save to registry the gallery Smooth mode:
    DefaultSmooth and SaveSmooth.


Exporting Formats

  • PDF improvements
  • The TPDFCanvas object now provides several enhancements to PDF exporting.
    A partnership with DynamicPDF company offers server PDF charting and more.

  • GIF and LZW compression Unisys patent.
  • According to Unisys at http://www.unisys.com/about__unisys/lzw , patent on LZW compression has expired worldwide except in some particular countries.
    Check the above link to verify your license rights to use LZW compression in your location.
    The Teemach version 7 now permits usage of LZW ( TeeGIF unit and editor dialog ).


All Series with "Pointer" property

    The TSeriesPointer class now includes a Transparency property.
    Many series styles like Line, Area, Point, Point3D, Polar, Bubble, Gantt, Bezier, etc have a Pointer property.

    Series1.Pointer.Transparency := 50 ;

    Candle and Arrow series, although providing a Pointer property, do not support Transparency as they draw points using their own method.


All Series

    New MandatoryAxis function that returns the chart axis associated with the series (vertical axis in series mandatory value list is Y, and horizontal axis in mandatory value list is X ).

    Series1.MandatoryAxis.LabelsFont.Color := clRed ;


Chart SeriesList property

    New ClearValues method to remove all values from all series in chart, thus leaving all series empty.

    Chart1.SeriesList.ClearValues ;


TSmoothingFunction and TBSpline class

    Removed limitation on number of source points to calculate smooth points.
    (Fixed size arrays have been converted to dynamic arrays).

    Warning: Smoothing more than 500 points can be a very slow operation.


New Series styles

  • Bubble3D, derived from TPoint3D series.
    New bubble series that adds a "Z" value for each bubble point.
    Requires OpenGL rendering to correctly visualize solid 3D bubbles.


Fixed bugs

  • TBollingerFunction
    Calling Clear on series with Bollinger now clears the two Bollinger line series instead of just one line.
  • Canvas Custom drawing
    Custom drawing could sometimes display text with shadows or outlines.
  • Zoom pen
    The Chart1.Zoom.Pen.SmallDots property did not work.
  • Canvas EllipseWithZ and Pie3D methods
    Improved distortion on big (ie: printed) Pie and Ellipse drawings.
  • TCustom3DPaletteSeries
    Fixed loosing the PaletteStyle property when cloning series.
  • Tower series
    Added Assign method to support cloning.
  • Series1.DataSources
    This property is now of type "TDataSourcesList" class.
    Calling the Add, Delete and Clear methods will call the internal series methods. This avoids an access violation when closing or destroying.
  • Legend
    When the legend is behind the chart (using Legend HorizMargin or VertMargin properties), Chart1.OnClickSeries was not working correctly.



  • Teetree2 is now avialable for those who hold a current Teemach Pro v7 license. This tree building component is a worthy addition for any developer working with Delphi. Follow the link to find out more about what TeeTree2 has to offer.


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Teemach just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

Teemach continues in the tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Built on more than 10 years of work with customers, the functionality-set is truly HUGE!

Teemach Pro for .NET breaks the mould and industry standard by offering across the board support for Winform, WebForm, Compact Framework, Reporting Services, Gauges and Maps all in one action-packed version!

Teemach Pro VCL v8 is fully integrated with Borland-Codegear's compilers, taking advantage of new developments in the IDEs.

The latest verions of Teemach Pro include:

9 new Series Types (now 57 Series types in 2D and 3D)
3 new Function Types (now 42 Function types)
14 new Tools (now 31 Chart Tools)
5 new Palette components
25 new Image filters to enhance all or parts of your Charts

Teemach Pro is expected to pack even more punch throughout the coming months.


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